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Columbus Ohio Dexa Equipment Services

Why Choose Dexa Solutions for Dexa Equipment Service and Support in Columbus Ohio

There are a number of agencies offering an assortment of DEXA equipment products and services from bone densitometer product sales to repair service along with software coaching. What issues can assist you to choose a DEXA equipment service dealer that you can depend upon and easily afford?

A number of variables that ought to influence your choice:

1. Customer care

Demonstrated professionalism and trust - Just what working experience does the vendors Field Support Technical engineers (FSE) have with DEXA machine service?

Reaction time - Opening the lines of communication should be a DEXA equipment service vendor’s foremost goal.

Follow-up – Look for your DEXA technology service vendor to follow-up on you right after service has been carried out.

2. Industry Proficiency
Ask detailed questions to ascertain knowledge. Questions such as;

What are the Food and drug administration prerequisites for relocating DEXA systems?

Exactly what does a 2 day software training entail?

What is the distinction between my own Bone Densitometer and the most up to date machines?

Focus – It is important to use a Field Service Professional that is an expert in DEXA equipment service. Otherwise, the fees can drastically increase by using a “Jack-of-all trades, master of none” FSE.

Resourceful – A vendor that is resourceful is likely to help your office to make the best decisions possible. This will generally mean presenting a variety of solutions to you.


There are a variety of compliance issues when working with Bone Densitometers since they produce ionizing radiation. Make sure that your DEXA equipment service vendor is safeguarding your interests by complying with all state and government regulatory agencies.


Try to look for a DEXA equipment service vendor that offers you a variety of fees based on several different solutions.

Understand that in today's current marketplace the standards have changed (i.e. more expensive does not always mean better, and less expensive doesn't necessarily mean you're compromising quality)

Why Work With Dexa Solutions...

Unfortunately, insurance policy compensation has been severely dropped over the last several years for DEXA scans. For Medical Providers this has meant leaving the DEXA business. That's very unfortunate since the illness they were formerly employing that technology to identify and care for has not diminished in prevalence. There is still a great need for osteoporosis detection, diagnosing, and treating. The good thing for you Health care Providers that are still recommending DEXA scans for your clients is DEXA Solutions, LLC.

We are committed to affordable DEXA equipment service choices. No other DEXA equipment service vendor will more fully measure up to the standards outlined in this posting. Email or call DEXA Solutions now to see how they can help you with your DEXA equipment service needs.

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